Far From Good
sorry to hear about the heartbreak (seems like absolute shit) but trust me, things will get better no matter how shitty it seems rn. time heals everything but for the moment alcohol and ice cream can be your best friend. asked by Anonymous

they’ve never let me down. don’t even get me started with ice cream.

I apologize for becoming a selfie blog but like I just get drunk and take pictures of myself recently because I’m not ok lol

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Hey I'm sorry you got dumped... He's a fucking asshole, who doesn't know what he fuckin lost. But you, my friend, need to not let this turn you to shit. Don't let this break up, this heartbreak, this shit feeling eat you up. Mope for a little while, be sad for a little while, but then, get the fuck up on your feet. Realize how wonderful you truly are, realize you're too good anyways. Wake up and find beauty in yourself. Find love in yourself. Grow from this. I love you lots :) asked by Anonymous

aw thanks! I’m trying really hard. Everyday is just different. I feel better but then I wake up and feel like shit.

49 / REBLOGapparently my love isn’t good enough for the person I love so I hope he’s happy with a lana del gay that wears native headdresses

the by product of getting day drunk after being dumped and dancing it out.

I’ve never hurt this bad in my whole life

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the thought of dating makes me gag. and the thought of him fucking someone else makes me murderous.

fyi since I got dumped I have zero sexual impulses. i have no desire to be touched. i might just castrate myself. except my “ex” and i have already had sex twice post break up so idk maybe not. i just don’t want anyone else to touch me.

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