Far From Good

just saw the shirt I wore on saint Patrick’s day in my drawer and relived the traumatic experience of being forcefully kissed twice by a three hundred pound man at a fratty ass party who deemed it socially acceptable to use me as a prop in order to convince his friends that he is, in fact, “secure with his sexuality”

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I like opulence but brooke candy is so much better than this…like this is her first label backed single? sounds like something from the scrap heap.

what do you mean the boys f you up asked by Anonymous

like just looking at them is too much sometimes. it’s that whole can’t tell if I want to be you or be with you or be inside you thing.

the boys on this site fuck me up

I realize I haven’t actually posted any content besides my face for the past few days but I’m too busy/lazy to set a queue

Omgggg you're so hot!! asked by Anonymous


low key tho I love beyonce but I looooooooooove solange (I mean duh but like yeah)

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